A Letter from Dr. Gwenn...



Dear Clients,

I hope you are all staying healthy. I just wanted to let you know I am committed to providing quality care for your pets during this complicated time, while keeping myself, my staff and my clients, as safe as possible.

If you or anyone in your home has been directly exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms of it, please let me know prior to scheduling an appointment.

I have implemented the following safety measures for home visits. I am no longer allowing clients to enter the clinic (truck) and with the rare exception, will not be entering your home.  Upon arrival at your home, I will call you and we will discuss your pet’s needs. Once I have a clear picture of what your pet needs, I will meet you at the house to get your pet. Cats need to be in carriers (please do not put them in carriers until I arrive) and dogs need to be on leashes (please make sure they are not able to slip their collars).  I will bring your pet to the truck and perform their exam. I will then call you with my findings and we will discuss a care plan. Upon completion of the visit I will bring your pet back to the house.  As, you can imagine, with these extra steps, appointments are taking longer than usual, so please be patient with us.

I will also be utilizing telemedicine as best as I am able. Depending on the situation, we may decide to proceed with telemedicine, in lieu of a traditional visit. Pet Pro Connect is the modality that I will be using (https://www.petproconnect.com/). If we decide to employ telemedicine, I will enroll you in the program and you will be able to log into your pet’s account. Once enrolled with Pet Pro Connect, you will be able to see your pet’s vaccine reminders, use telemedicine and collect rebates for Heartgard and NexGard. If medication is needed following a telemedicine appointment, we will arrange for delivery/pick up of the medication.

In the event you need euthanasia for your pet, rest assured, this will be dealt with very compassionately, on an individual basis. We will discuss the options prior to our arrival.

At this time, I am still accepting cash, checks and credit cards, but will email receipts instead of printing them.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Please bear with us, as we do our best to keep ourselves safe and your pets cared for.

Gwenn Gaumond, DVM MS
Dr. Gwenn Mobile Vet
(860) 428-4271